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11,000 Posts Made Public

11 thousand posts made public. These will now be returned through search.

Most of the rest are family photos and chit-chats.

Pending are posts in full Arabic. Those should be made public too. 4 Aug 2021

The Comments

Comments now made public. Note that Facebook export doesn't match the comments with the post. Therefore I had to do it inteligently matching with time. Comments posted near the time of the original post most possibly was for that post. That is correct for 80% of the cases. But then also the rest 20% are all wrong.

But still had to publish the comments as many posts contained referent to comment, like "Link to the news is in comment". Without the comment the post becomes completely irrelevant.

To read the comments, click on the date of the post, on its title, which will take you to the full post page where you can also vew the comments. 15 Jul 2021

7000+ Posts Made Public

Made half the posts public. 7000+ and counting out of total 15k. If you search for some post and don't find it, worry not. I shall check my log for the keywords you searched for and make those posts public if those haven't been yet.

Thank you all. 15 Jul 2021

5000+ Posts Made Public

Made 5000+ posts public. That's more than a third of all posts. And consists mostly of all Islamic posts.

Also you can use the search at the top. It will currently show you result from the 5000+ public posts.

More coming inshaAllah. 14 Jul 2021

আর্কাইভড পোষ্টগুলো

আরকাইভগুলো পাবলিক করা হলো। আর্কাইভগুলো লিখা হয়েছিলো আগের বছরগুলো একই বিষয়ের উপর সকল পোষ্ট একত্রিত করে। তাই এগুলোকে অনেকটা সামারি বলতে পারেন। জেষ্ট সমস্ত পোষ্টের।


মৃত্যুর পরে
আমল - ১,
আমল - ২,
আমল - ৩,
আমল -৪
হজ্জ ২০১৪-১৫,
হজ্জ ২০১৬,
হজ্জ ২০১৭
তর্ক - ১,
তর্ক - ২,
তর্ক - ৩,
তর্ক - ৪,
তর্ক - ৫,
তর্ক - ৬,
তর্ক - ৭,
তর্ক - ৮,
তর্ক - ৯,
তর্ক - ১০,
তর্ক - ১১,
তর্ক - ১২
ওজু - ১,
ওজু -২
খন্দকার জাহাঙ্গির স্যার ২০২০,

কেলকুলেটরে নামাজের সময় হিসাব পদ্ধতি
নামাজ-সেহরি-ইফতারির সময়
কষ্ট ১ম খন্ড,
কষ্ট-২য় খন্ড
Corona Virus

Two Posts

Made two posts online

My first ever post on Facebook -- from 2008.
And the last public post -- on Feb, 2021.

Hoping to bring the rest of all online within a few days. InshaAllah. 11 Jun 2021

The Data

Here's the good news. I have full backup of all my facebook posts. All of it. From the first post in 2008 to March-2021. You can get similar backup of your facebook posts too, from the setting page. My archive counts 15,000 posts in total, over 10 years.

Question next : how do I get it online? And what portion of it? How do I organize it? How do I exclude the personal posts?

That's a problem remaining to be solved.

BUT! At least, all the posts are now here on this server. Just behind the page you are viewing now. It's a 20MB data + 50MB search index = 70 MB sqlite3 table. Plus 3 GB of images and videos that I have uploaded over the years. All of those have already been uploaded on this server.

Within the next few days, I shall try to provide a way to filter out the personal stuffs, and allow visitors to search through the rest.

InshaAllah. 7 Jun 2021

The Plan

I plan to share all my Facebook posts here. These posts were made in between 2006 to 2021 -- the period I was active on Facebook.

You might find the posts you were searching here. 25 May 2021