Habib's Facebook Post Archive


Two Posts -- Jun 11th, 2021

Made two posts online

My first ever post on Facebook -- from 2008.
And the last public post -- on Feb, 2021.

Hoping to bring the rest of all online within a few days. InshaAllah.

The Data -- Jun 7th 2021

Here's the good news. I have full backup of all my facebook posts. All of it. From the first post in 2008 to March-2021. You can get similar backup of your facebook posts too, from the setting page. My archive counts 15,000 posts in total, over 10 years.

Question next : how do I get it online? And what portion of it? How do I organize it? How do I exclude the personal posts?

That's a problem remaining to be solved.

BUT! At least, all the posts are now here on this server. Just behind the page you are viewing now. It's a 20MB data + 50MB search index = 70 MB sqlite3 table. Plus 3 GB of images and videos that I have uploaded over the years. All of those have already been uploaded on this server.

Within the next few days, I shall try to provide a way to filter out the personal stuffs, and allow visitors to search through the rest.


The Plan -- May 25th 2021

I plan to share all my Facebook posts here. These posts were made in between 2006 to 2021 -- the period I was active on Facebook.

You might find the posts you were searching here.