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24-Jul-2016 11:42 am

  • One side effect of climate change is "Rainbombs" when 5 to 10cm of rain pour down in an hour flooding the area and killing people.

    Yesterday 200 died in china after such a rain.

    Reminds us of recent Paris flood.

    - Another one is Thunderhead explosion. Russia saw its worst thunder strikes in 18 years.

    Reminds us of of the 80 people who died in thunder strikes in Bangladesh within 48 hours a few months back.

    - Kuwait's 54C temperature is now counted as world record.


    - High water vapor in the atmosphere creates a feedback loop, resulting into higher temperature.

    - And as Siberia is getting warmer, the trees there are burning in multiple wild fires.

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    24-Jul-2016 11:42 am

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